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Small border traffic between Belarus and Latvia exists almost 3 years. With the simplified mechanism of the papework, more than 4,600 people in our country and about 28,000 Latvians have already received permission to visit their relatives overseas. When you travel, different situations can occur, from which no one is immune. If, for example, a foreigner on the road was bad and he was delivered to Belarusian hospital unconscious? What are his illnesses, is there any allergies to medicines, other contraindications? From such information depends not only ones health but often the life itself ... Ideally, if it can be quickly gathered from a specialized computer database. That is the information system currently establishing and testing by physicians from Braslav and Daugavpils. This was made possible through the participation of healthcare institution "Braslav Central District Hospital," Daugavpils County Council and the National Health Service of the Republic of Latvia in the joint project LLB-2-264 "Promotion of Accessible Free of Border Primary Health Care Services in the Area of Daugavpils Rural Municipality and Braslav District " . This project is funded by the European Union within ENPI CBC Programme Latvia-Lithuania-Belarus 2007-2013. The period of its implementation is 12 months.

One of the activities of the project is the computerization of Braslav district clinic, that will allow afterwards to share the patient‘s data between doctors from Braslav and Daugavpils.
In addition, a database will contain information on the system of primary health care in the border areas and mandatory requirements for medical institutions. In the long term this will help to formulate guidelines that can be the starting point for the development of joint actions for efficient development of primary health care services in the cross-border area.

Another objective of the project is to improve the accessibility and quality of healthcare by improving the material and technical base and creating of conditions for patients with disabilities. And it should be noted that it has been achieved in full. The entrance lobby of the clinic of Braslav Central District Hospital has been completely modernized: there are new comfortable ramps, wide doors and a shed-free access, paved access road to the clinic. All this contributes to the development of a barrier-free environment and proper conditions for patients with disabilities.

The European Union has allocated 614 441.70 EUR, including to the Belarusian side - 221 130.7 EUR, for financing this international technical assistance project. The total project budget is 682,713 EUR
Cross-border projects help to save budgetary funds. As a result, it is possible to put them on the strengthening of the material and technical base, to increase salaries to physicians. In addition, the exchange of experience during the joint scientific conferences, which are also provided in such projects, help professionals of both countries to improve their skills.

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